DMV Issues, Diverted

January 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was finally able to go down and transfer the title to my trailer and it turns out I was 5 days over the limit so I got to pay an extra 20 bucks, just for being me.  She WATCHED me guesstimate the date I purchased the trailer and I guess you get a fee if you don’t transfer the title in 30 days, the thing is I GUESSTIMATED because I didn’t remember the exact date.  I assumed she was telling me so that I could change the date to avoid the 20 dollar fee, nope.  She just told me because she took joy, I think, in telling me I am going to give my hard earned money to the government for no real good reason.  So, lesson learned, note to all, transfer your title within 30 days or at least don’t guesstimate over 30 days…  I decided not to license the trailer at this point as it won’t be on the road.  While talking to grumpy pants though she did completely contradict what the previous DMV lady told me and thoroughly upset me. 

I went in on Friday and she totally sent me into a bit of a tailspin.  She basically said that there is no way I would be able to build this tiny house.  Which was great to find out $3,000 dollars later and after already discussing this with DMV people.  She was pretty sure, but not positive so she gave me her bosses card and sent me on my way.  He was of course on vacation because it was the new year, totally understandable, but it was crappy to leave me on Friday thinking I wasted three grand.  Dad calmed me down saying she probably really doesn’t know what shes talking about because shes a government employee and works behind a counter in an industry she is not interested in and passionate about (I love the government… can you tell :). 

Turns out he was right.  I finally got on the phone with her boss, Adrian, who was very helpful and completely cool and informative.  There are a few different options I have but I think we have decided that when it is time, it will be licensed as an RV, I will pay something like $50 a year, which is more than the $30 ever 10 years (that the other lady told me for my ‘neatly stacked load’ on a utility trailer) but all and all still pretty affordable. 

Stress reduced! :).


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