Moving to Stage Two

January 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s been a little while since I have posted but I have emailed a couple companies about getting some prices on my ‘stage two’ materials but I never heard back from any of them :(.  This is the list of materials I got together that are needed to build my floor/foundation:

(3) 10’ – 3/8” all thread
(1) Box 3/8” nuts
(1) Box 3/8” washers
(1) Box 3/8” lock washers
(6) 1.25” plywood
(5) 2×6’s, 8ft long
(15) 2×4’s, 10 ft. long
(14) 2×8’s, 10 ft. long
(6) 2×4’s, 8ft long
(9) 2×2’s, 8ft. long

So, today I went down to good’ole Home Depot and grabbed the lumber part of that list.  Tomorrow I hope to get the fasteners and all-thread from a local store.  I really would like to minimize the ‘big box’ store use, but I don’t have much of an option if I can’t get a response back from the local stores (disappointing 😦 ).

I have been a little sick over the last week so I took it pretty easy, I did get the shop cleaned up so I can store some materials and get going this week.

Here is the ‘cleanish’ shop, ready to get going.

ESI came through for me again, they gave me this insulation which should be enough for my floor.  I hope to be working out a deal with them for some more insulation for my walls and ceiling, this was excess from a job they had.

Another shot, this insulation is R-5 per inch, 2 inch pieces.  The bulk of my floor will have 6 inches of this insulation.  Because the way my trailer is built the perimeter will only be able to have 4 inches.  This should be oodles, I am also planning on spraying the entire undercarriage with a heavy duty sprayed on insulation that is designed for the undercarriages of RV’s.  This will give me about another R-7 insulation value and also cover all the metal members, protecting my floor from thermal bridging. I was targeting as close to an R-38 as possible for my floor, I will be able to get R-27 along the perimeter (8 inches all around) and the rest of it will be approximately R-37.

Here is the lumber.  This should be enough to integrate the floor with the trailer.  I will be using the OSB that ESI gave me at the start of this project as the undercarriage.

I meant to draw up an actual detail to post for this but since I was sickly this week I really just didn’t take the time, I opted for resting in my down-time instead.  This however is a picture of a detail I drew up.  If anyone would like to see the actual detail with material labels and everything let me know, I will draft it up.  If not I may just leave it here though :).  But please, if it will be helpful to anyone please do feel free to ask, I want to be helpful if I can to anyone else.

There is a very cool building wrap material from Key Energy Solutions that I will be following up on as well to verify that it will work into my details, as I understand this could potentially add to the R-Value as well.  Jason, this would be a good post to expand on your building wrap for other tiny housers, feel free to product dump in the comments.  I can’t say I want to encourage product dumping for a ton of things in general but this is certainly a product I believe is GREAT for tiny houses and that I think would be awesome for other tiny-housers to know about.


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