I Need a Name for my Project!?

February 24, 2012 § 4 Comments

I need to think of a clever name for my house and I’m at a loss.  Here is my ‘official’ call for ideas.

Basics about the project: It is on a goose-neck trailer.  It’s tiny/small/micro (174 s.f.) etc.  It will be my home.  It will be mostly self-sustaining.  It’s a lot recycled/re-used.

Basics about me: I am a girl, 28, an artist/builder.  I am doing all of the construction myself (with the help of some friends and family). This is a bit of an experiment for me.  I like to travel, I am fairly fearless, I often make poor decisions, I like my freedom and strive to live a passive lifestyle, adding more to the world than I take from it.

Ideas so far are (some from me some from others):

*The Gosling

The French/Canadian Goose

An Elegant Ride

Mini Haven

Simply Quaint

Operation Tiny House

Blue (or other color) Goose

My Petite Pad

My Quaint Quarters

My Cool Cabin

The Abundant Abode

I could really use some crafty ideas or input 🙂



§ 4 Responses to I Need a Name for my Project!?


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