Exterior Materials

May 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

I was asked what my material pallet would be like so I thought it would be good to post somethign about that and where things are right now in my noggen.  This is my exterior material pallet.  I am back to recycled pallet wood siding, I am planning on planing these down and staining them, probably with a walnut tone stain.  The trim is going to either be a dark bronze metal or possibly even stained dark wood.  For the roof and back wall I am leaning towards a white elastomeric roofing product with a metal mesh suspended over it so that Ivy can crawl it’s way up the walls. I am considering a couple dark bronze light fixtures for the patios but am leaning toward a galvalume one at the very moment.  Who will know what I end up with until I actually make the purchase.  Here is a visual:



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§ 2 Responses to Exterior Materials

  • costahomestead says:

    I think the wood pallet stained with the walnut will look great. You’ll have to keep an eye on that ivy, it can be pretty invasive when it grows against structures.

    • Macy M says:

      Thanks again! I am trying to think of other less invasive plants that I could use too, the problem is I can only use a small amount of soils because of the whole weight thing. Ivy can grow here pretty easily but it’s so dry it usually doesn’t go crazy so I may be ok… really I picked it because it is at my work and I could take some cuttings really easily :). I am open to any other plants though too if anyone knows of any. 🙂


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