Big Thanks!

May 14, 2012 § 4 Comments

I find this to be EXTREMELY motivating.  Even though I am totally doing this project for me it is awesome that I have had a constantly rising group of very supportive and helpful people following along for the 11 weeks since I have had this site.  You guys rock, thanks ever so much for the support! 🙂



§ 4 Responses to Big Thanks!

  • costahomestead says:

    It’s us who should thank you for sharing your experience with us! By following blogs written by you and other Tiny Home builders it’s gives those of us who hope to follow in your footsteps a wealth of knowledge. I know if and when I ever build mine that I will use the larger trailer and drywall interior walls, because you and Clothesline have done it. Best wishes always Macy.

  • limechip says:

    Dearest Macy, got your card today and wanted to say thank you (:
    It was my pleasure and will put it up in my wall of fame at work.
    We meet interesting people in our every day, all we have to do is not be afraid to step up and say hi. It could change their day. I try to do that every day with the homeless people in my city.
    And with people I meet online. Sites I visit. I am really glad to have bumped into yours.
    I read some of the latest post, do not fret or sweat the little stuff. Everything will happen when it should and most important, don’t forget to rest and pat yourself in the back ever so often. It’s not every day people get a chance to tackle such a project.
    I admire your gumption and that you are sticking to it. I have no clue if I could even pull such a project off.
    I am with you in spirit if I may (:
    Bless you Macy…have a fantastical day!


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