May 20, 2012 § 6 Comments

I got some done today, I probably should have got more done but I had some stuff on my mind so i took a breather (that’s important too!) and had some margaritas with Sara.  It was a much needed relief!  Still, we got the rafters up and it’s starting to take shape!  I have a window in as well and started the furring for the rain-screen wall (consisting of fully caulked furring strips, previously cut, nailed into the studs).

Pretty short updated but here are some photos:


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§ 6 Responses to Update

  • bob says:

    I love the foil….understand the use….but it looks as if you are getting the christmas goose ready for the oven. the truth is it looks fantastic!!!!!!

  • costahomestead says:

    I think you’re making great progress, and it’s always important to take a break when you feel you need to. Burnout is no fun.

  • Neil says:

    ur unit is really lookin great. LOVE the 1 in. of clearance out the door! I can not see what will prevent heat transfer (conductance?) through the exterior framing members. Oui, burnout is no beuno! Oh, on the topic of light, you would be amazed what you can get done with a quality led headlamp! Neil

    • Macy M says:

      There is nothing that will stop some heat transfer. I don’t have any solid insulation layer however this is heads and shoulders above typical construction and wood studs don’t transfer as well as steel so I decided to stop where I am. 🙂


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