Update 6.11.12

June 12, 2012 § 6 Comments

This is honestly my biggest moment of ‘oh this is cool’ yet.

I thought it would be cool to get doors and windows and it was, but this, the shape of my house actually getting there is more ‘cool’ to me.  It’s going up and looking like it looks in my head, its FANTASTIC!  (how’s that for an ego eh? ;-)) I just love it though, it’s so cool!  Dad once again is the hero of this scenario.  He worked on most of this solo today while I was working.  THANK YOU DAD!

Steve (electrician) also dropped by today while I was at work to double check/fix my wiring.  I had it done apparently in a way that would work but it wasn’t the best way for it, it makes sense now though so I have a couple more circuits to run and that will be in good shape!  My roof is on the way, once that gets here and installed I will start doing the siding (that is still going to be a BIG job, I need more pallets still).

Two and a half weeks until I’m moving… somewhere… It’s probably time to start packing and things… 🙂

Today I also fired my internet provider so I may be a bit slower on the posting stuff although tethering my phone seems to work really well for what I need… I’m almost wondering if I wasted money on internet in the first place, we will see.  Onto the Pics!



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