Curious? Should I Make the Plans Available

August 10, 2012 § 18 Comments

I was thinking, I may actually draw up the plans for my tiny house (instead of just working straight out of my head, novel idea, huh? 😉 ).  I thought I would do this to make them available for anyone’s use, I am wondering if there is anyone interested in getting them?  I am working out the details on writing up a ‘thing’ so I am not liable at all (since designing is my profession).  Before I go through the effort of figuring out how to scapegoat any liability claims I was wondering if anyone was even interested in being able to download plans though?  These would be free (or donation based) plans that would have enough detail to actually be able to be constructed if that was the goal.  Or they would just be available to view for those who are curious about how complex it actually is to build one of these.  If you are interested in being able to download my building plans (or if you aren’t) I would really appreciate if you could leave me a comment below, shoot me an email ( or find me on Facebook (username mizacy) and let me know.  I only really want to put in the effort if it would be helpful to someone :).



§ 18 Responses to Curious? Should I Make the Plans Available

  • Bob says:

    Like OMG… from plans!!!!!!! It cuts down on error, cost overruns, & waisted material!!!!!!
    I doubt if I ever build another tiny house……. But never without plans……due to lack of knowlege and shooting from the hip and going totally from design in my head….. Cost me dearly in time & money……. 18 months to date not 6! Nearly $22,000…. Not $15,000!
    Make a plan….do the plan…..see it through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Macy M says:

      Well I know that Bob! 😉 I am not asking if I should USE plans (which I haven’t been using printed plans, but my head is a pretty great resource and has worked out for me)… I am asking if I should give my plans away so other people can build easier.

  • Sage says:

    I’d be interested about how liable that WOULD make you. I know a girl who designed a baby sling (big piece of fabric you wrap your baby in and tie to yourself) and she made the pattern available to any and all people online. I was wondering if someone mis-tied their baby and there was an accident, is that on her? I’ll follow along to hear more about the liability. As for actually creating the plans to share… well I can’t read a blue print to save my life so I’m neutral.

    • Macy M says:

      I would think if I write a long enough disclaimer stating the ‘appropriate’ things I could cover my bases and hopefully still provide benefits to people… figuring out what all those ‘appropriate’ things are is tricky but hey, this is to help me study for my A.R.E.’s, right, some contract writing isn’t a bad area to dive into 🙂

  • cherylspelts says:

    Macy, I think free or donation-based plans is a brilliant idea! That way people who are just considering building a tiny house could see what they are actually getting into – before spending hundreds of dollars for plans. It would also be great for anyone who wants to design their own house – your plans could act as a sample study guide.

    And of course if someone decides to move forward and actually build? They can come back and give you an even bigger donation, based on the value you’ve provided them!

    Just for the record, I want to build a small, not tiny, house on a permanent foundation – so I’m not your target market exactly. But, I still find a lot of what you post extremely helpful!

    • Macy M says:

      Cheryl you rock! You of course are the target, if you glean benefit and find whatever I post helpful I am stoked and that is exactly what this website is about for me! Thanks for your input as always!!

  • Joe Keller says:

    Study plans are a great idea, personally though I’m with Cheryl on the small not tiny, and on a foundation, or even a full basement. My dog and I lived in a 15′ by 15′ studio apartment for a year and it was a bit too small, my current apartment is 26′ by 30′ and is horribly laid out. Looking back at all of the various places I have lived over the years is making me come up with a list of must haves and must not haves…

  • Laura says:

    I love the idea. I love it so much that I wish that I had done this for THO as well. She was built right out of my head and there are some items that are done and then undone because the order of operations for inexperienced builders like me is somewhat shaky. I am dreading, for example, the putting back in of all the field stone that had to be removed in order to put siding up… Thank goodness I did not cement it in!
    Heave, heave, heave…

  • Marina says:

    Hey, I would be very interested! I have no idea how plans should look like and where to start! It would be super helpful if you share yours! I am happy donating money for it i understand it will take time designing! 🙂

    • Macy M says:

      Great! It sounds like there are a couple of people at least that would benefit from me doing that. Since I haven’t got anything drawn up yet it will take me a little bit of time but I am going to go ahead and do that. Please stay tuned, I will have drawings probably in a few weeks! Thanks Marina for your input!

  • Doug says:

    Hey Macy! I would love to be able to download plans. I wanted to thank you for your posts and let you know what you’re doing is super inspiring. Thanks so much!!!

  • Jason says:

    I’m working on several plans myself. Several I may make available for free under some sort of permissive free license. I’d love to see your work.

    One design I am going to build for certain in the future and I may want to sell it due to all the effort I’ve poured into this single design with still more to go into it. I figure I would pay a structural engineer to check the plans off should I decide to sell the plans.

    Thank you for sharing! Love the site!

    • Macy M says:

      Awesome, thanks Jason for your input! I think I will do it, I am working on getting some software and then I’ll be up and running! I added your site to my resources page. I’d love to see your designs as well!

  • Joey says:

    Hi Macy. So sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you’re recovering well and get back building soon.

    I too would be very intersted in seeing your plans. The style of your tiny house with high front wall and roof pitch is very similar to one that I plan on building next summer. Seeing your plans would be very helpful in helping me design my build.

    Thanks and great work so far on the house and blog.

    • Macy M says:

      Awesome, they are in the works! I have a couple other things coming down the pipes right away but then it’s on and I will get some plans up for you! I would be really curious to see your design too, these things are so personal it’s just gotta be a little different! I love seeing all the different plans!


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