Commonly Asked Questions Campaign!

September 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

If you have or are building a tiny house please take a moment to fill out this same survey – a word .doc can be downloaded HERE, please return to

I am going to add a component to my site.  I have a whole slew of commonly asked questions I have been saving up…  I was thinking it would be REALLY helpful to collect the answers from various people, all doing the same thing and building their own best version of a tiny house.  I have added a page to the left called  ‘Common Questions‘.  I have tried to answer all of them from my perspective. One of the great thing about tiny houses is that everyone has different answers to the same questions though.   I would really love it if I could start to collect answers from others who have built a tiny house or are building a tiny house… call it my way of interviewing people.

I am going to start going down my entire list of ‘Tiny Housers’ and I will be asking you each to fill out a similar (exactly the same) survey, and then I would like to link your answers next to your site on the Tiny Housers list (I am AMAZED how much traffic that one link gets per day).  My guess is this information is stuff that people would be curious about from all tiny house people.

Obviously this is going to take a bit of time and effort from my side to track down peoples (that is how I meant to spell it) and try to convince them to answer a ridiculous amount of questions so, if you felt so inclined as to help me out, and you either know you are on my tiny houser list OR want to be/should be, PLEASE send me your link and/or your answers to my ‘common questions’, I would LOVE to link your answers directly to your page.

I would be so awesome to create a set of documents that helps people understand tiny houses better, understand differences and make the process not so scary!  I feel like answering these tiny house questions from everyone’s own unique experience and then collecting those answers in one spot is a great way to do that.  I know that not all questions will apply to your particular build, and that you may very well not even feel comfortable answering some of the questions, that’s ok, answer what you can/want to and email it back to me, I will format it and link it directly to your website/blog.  If I don’t hear from you I will most certainly be in contact in the near future :).

If anyone needs it, my email is  You could also find me on facebook, username mizacy if that is easier.  I know it’s asking a lot (It is a TON of questions) but I would LOVE to hear back from as many people as I can with as detailed explanations as you feel like sharing!

P.S. Several (the best) of the questions are provided via my amazing cousin Sage! 😉


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