Update 9.30.12 – Trim

September 30, 2012 § 5 Comments

LOTS got done!  With Dad and James’s help this weekend I was able to get all the major trim-board up!  I still have to trim out the windows and doors but I can do that solo through the week.  I needed help, since I’m still broken AND because it was some cumbersome trim.  It was a success though and it looks GREAT!  I was also able to get all the deck-boards cut, they will be stained and sealed and then installed soon!  Still to do on this trim work is some screws, I will need to get up on a ladder that is a little tough with a broken foot, soon though and until then they will be A-O-K with the nails Dad and James put in.  I will also go through and caulk all the seams and paint the trim… I am still working on the details but it will most likely be black.

On another note, you know all that extra insulation I had left over, I sold it all!  I bought ALL of my insulation for $1,000.  It turns out I bought WAY too much, the rest I threw up on Craigslist.  I sold the REMAINING insulation for $1,294.  This means I got ALL of my insulation for free essentially AND made close to $300 on top of that.  I can’t complain about that!

Throughout the week I will work on trimming out the openings and keep planing the siding boards.  I have made a big dent in those but still have a lot more to go!  It’s all coming along well, I think it will start to feel a lot cooler to me from this point on, we are basically into the ‘finish work’, that’s where I get my kicks!  Everything to this point has been amazing though 🙂


§ 5 Responses to Update 9.30.12 – Trim


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