I’m Trying Something New Here

October 21, 2012 § 6 Comments

This weekend I signed up for WordAds on my site, I am curious if I can make money from posting what I post, and if so, how much.  My plan is to put this money back into the Tiny House Community in some form or another.  I have recently been working with Ryan Mitchell over at TheTinyLife to get some plans together for a open chat session (which may require a monthly subscription) available to anyone who is interested (more info to come soon!).  Also, a few people are starting to put some ideas together for challenging building codes.

I think if I could generate some income from this site it will help fund those efforts.  That being said, if it is annoying PLEASE tell me!  I would much rather just take the ads down then turn anyone off.   If they are not annoying then share my site/posts with friends, the more page views recieved the more funding gets built up (or so I’m told, we shall see! 🙂


You People Rock


§ 6 Responses to I’m Trying Something New Here

  • Macy M says:

    I read that this makes you almost no money… hmmm. does anyone else know a better way? I am up for moving my site if needed.

  • Keep the money, no need to give it back to the tiny house community. You deserve to be paid for your work.

    • Macy M says:

      I don’t mind using this income to help make tiny houses more accessible to anyone who is interested. I have been completely inspired by everyone in this community and would love to be able to pass that on somehow. Besides, I have a couple ‘day-jobs’ that pay me plenty at this point, I really like the idea of giving back to the tiny house community

  • The trick with ads is traffic, you need a lot of it. The trick to traffic is great content. The trick to great content is to not worry about the ads. Ironic huh?

    • Macy M says:

      The trick with great content is also TIME! Man I feel so squished lately, I have a couple good [hopefully] posts coming up… more than just my build at least. 🙂 Thank you for all your help in this arena! 😉 (I’m sure I’ll ask more questions of you down the road 🙂

  • You’d probably do better with relevant affiliate products. Tiny house books, plans, etc. Almost everyone offers a small cut if someone clicks from your website and buys something. It’s way more honest and allows you to promote products that you actually are interested in! Email me ethan[at]cloud-coach.net and I’d be happy to show you the ropes 🙂



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