So, I decided

January 17, 2013 § 10 Comments

Life is just busy!  I feel like I always make excuses on why I have been so pokey building my house (2 jobs, broken back blah blah blah!) ;-), I’ve decided life is just busy!  This IS what life is all about, it’s not hurrying to the finish line, it’s about enjoying every day!  I SO wish I had more time to work but it’s pretty awesome that I don’t too… it means I have lots of fun stuff going on.  I have a date tomorrow, a party the next day then I get to go to ANOTHER hockey game and have an awesome time with Carissa, I just had a girls night with friends, celebrated a big achievement that my brother had with my whole family (he took us to dinner) and I co-hosted a tiny house chat, this is all inside of a week and on top of my two [most amazing] day jobs, one of which we just won two exciting projects at, that is all pretty damn awesome!  Not a bad week :).  None of that will be overshadowed by my ‘not getting to work on my house this week’.  It has taken me far to long to realize but my life is pretty stinking cool!  I just thought you should know :).

For those of you who haven’t seen it I also added a new menu item HERE which will evolve but is a slideshow of all the major progress made to date [it’s located on the left hand side for future reference].  In one post you can see the start of my build to the current date and all the major milestones in between.

I want to just say thank you to everyone who has followed along and supported this crazy dream of mine!  I really appreciate you.



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