Update 5.2.13

May 2, 2013 § 1 Comment

I had a great work night tonight!  I fixed every one of my lingering electrical issues.  It turns out I don’t care for electrical work much, its so simple but so complicated too, drives me crazy!  I was close to beating my head against the wall trying to fix my bathroom outlet, just as I was going to give up I looked out the window and our family friend Steve was pulling in the driveway.  It could not have been better timing!  He set me straight and fixed the outlet in no time.  I was inspired to run through all the other parts and fix them too!

I also got a bit more of the shower cleaned, it still needs a lot of scrubbing… note for future, rinse off the grout when its wet… I didn’t do this because I had a floor full of wet grout and didn’t want to drip water all over it.  As it is I have a bunch of scrubbing to do :).

We also had another P&Z meeting, I am getting more comfortable with that, it was a really easy one tonight.  It took maybe 6 minutes total :).  A lot of my effort is in understanding the process of making motions etc.  It’s a learning curve, I feel like maybe I am starting to understand better though.


§ One Response to Update 5.2.13

  • Mark A Johnson says:

    Well at this point, I would have to say you have become a full fledged home builder, and you have already learned the art of sub-contracting, I think the place is looking wonderful, and you have become a fast train to the finish line, then you can sit back, relax and enjoy all your hard work for a change?, Enjoy Your Tiny Living!


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