Update 5.13.13 – Denny!

May 14, 2013 § 3 Comments

It was a big weekend this weekend, but not for tiny house building… I was planning on having a great big awesome update but instead, because wordpress is not playing nice with Chrome (or any other browser) this is all I have time to post.  More to follow soon about actual progress updates. *Spoiler, I have plumbing fixtures!*  Also, I have my Mini Makers Faire presentation coming up on memorial day weekend if anyone wanted to attend or give me ideas of ‘must talk abouts’, please get in touch!


§ 3 Responses to Update 5.13.13 – Denny!

  • sagesadvice says:

    Cute dog, handsome cousin, wonderful city, amazing blog. Fantastic macy (minneapolis, and me, miss you)

    • Macy M says:

      Awwww! Cuz, I had so much fun, I am so proud of you and all you guys have accomplished over there, you have a really wonderful life!!! I am happy to get to share parts with ya!

  • Marci says:

    I’ve used a tens (?) machine for chronic pain and it works by overriding pain sensory in the brain and allows for more healing. I liked the tingling sensation… For a while. Hope it helps! Cute pup too!!


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