My Favorite Builds (1 of 3)

July 6, 2013 § 14 Comments

I wanted to share some of my personal favorite blogs that have been chugging along and popping up!  It seems spring time is the time to start a build and there have been some fabulous people starting their own tiny home projects and also some troopers who are finally (because it feels like forever before you can get there!) getting into the ‘fun’ stuff, the finishing pieces :).  Please take a moment to follow along if you’re so inclined, viewer support goes a long way in helping to maintain enthusiasm through the rough parts of a build, I know this first hand!

My goal was to pick my top five, that proves much harder than you think so this will be done in installments, three installments to be exact, here are 5 of my top 15, in no particular order (I’m not very good at narrowing things down 🙂 ).  Instead of throwing a WHOLE bunch at you at once I have opted to break it up so that you have time to click through each of these sites and check it out, hopefully giving great insight and support to these bold people along the way (and bookmarking them if you haven’t already 🙂 )!   

Enjoy! – In no particular order but I had to put these guys first, Mitchell and Nicholette, are two artsy folks, I just love their set-up, their blog ‘feels’ so natural and cozy and makes me want to explore more (photo filters really do it for me 🙂 ).  These two have really done their research on tiny living too before jumping in head first, you can read about their stay in the Bayside Bungolow  and shadowing another tiny house builder for a day!  So much good insight to be told, from their downsizing journey to buying their trailer and they tell it well! I am excited to watch as their build unfolds!  AND, for those dog lovers they have a couple of good (bigger) dogs. – Stephen’s site has been another one I have been really digging, he goes day by day through the details of his build with bits of fun spattered throughout.  I have learned a couple things myself through watching along!  I also really like his design (that is one of my favorite shots, it’s so open! and the outside), it looks similar to my project so far from the outside (though there are changes up and coming!).  Stephan’s house however his has much cooler details like the window trim! 🙂  I think this one is going to be crafty and cool! – This is a great house I have been following for a while now, Kenny and Esther are in the final stages and in the finicky detail work and doing an amazing job!  They have a cool sink and a very natural looking pallet (love their floor!) and some very cool details as well!  They also have one of the more comprehensive list of answers to one of the most commonly asked questions, why not just get an RV? Pete and Tara are going at it hard on their Facebook page, Tara is chronicling all of it very well while Pete works his tail off (I’m sure that Tara isn’t escaping the work too much with how fast they are moving along).  They also post great/crafty space saving tricks and ideas.  There are all sorts of tidbits scattered throughout and they are not afraid to post those ‘mistakes’ along the way so that we can all learn from them!   You really should check out their cool vintage bathroom set too, I am hoping they can find a way to incorporate it all (with a tub!)! – This one is a fun project that I am excited about, there are also a couple parallels with my project too, this is a project done as part of a Masters of Architecture program by Lacy and Patrick who are going to be using the house as a bit of an experiment too!  They have an incredibly fast schedule so it will be quick and they are also very transparent, you can find all the details like budget on their site!  They have taken the time to fill out a FAQs sheet so you know all the gritty details (Please fill out the FAQs sheet if you can, downloadable HERE and send it my way anytime you want! :)!


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