Update 7.12.13

July 12, 2013 § 12 Comments

I have been away for a long time, my apologies, I got REALLY busy at work and haven’t had any downtime to build or update on my build. Β  We got past the deadline though and I have even had a couple of days off to move things forward again. Β I did get an email this morning that says the part for my toilet shipped today so hopefully I can get that and get it installed next weekend. Β This weekend I have been building drawers! Β  Here are a ton of pictures that have been accumulating in no particular order πŸ™‚


§ 12 Responses to Update 7.12.13

  • DJ says:

    “The same neighbor that came yelling at us the other night ended up dropping this couch in James’s yard, turns out he was moving so he just ditched it in his front yard… who does that!?”

    Who does that? A very unhappy, unhinged, vindictive person, who will not be missed at all. I’m so glad he’s moved. And just imagine how angry he would be to know that you will make good use of his something he had planned on being annoying for you!

    • Macy M says:

      I was ‘this close’ to writing him a thank you note : “Thank you for your apology for how you reacted the other night that you were clearly making when you left us your couch to burn” Sometimes it’s better to hold your tongue, I’ve never been that kind of girl though, he just got lucky and was gone before I had time to make that happen πŸ™‚

      Thank you for your support! πŸ™‚

  • Amber Conger says:

    Nice; looks very homey πŸ™‚ I have the same set-up for knives in my place; with another bar for all my silverware; love it!

  • Oh boy! It looks SO great! I am coming over SOON! I love that there is a propane detector out there. Thanks for the update!

    • Macy M says:

      Yeah, me too! I hear they are really sensitive and may be more of a nuisance than they are worth but those are reviews from non-tiny-house people i think it may just be critical πŸ™‚ We will see!

  • LouAnn Gurske says:

    I am sure you checked but is your Carbon Dioxide Detector good for detecting a propane gas leak too? Not all models do that. They cost more but the peace of mind is worth it. I found that out when I hooked up a propane stove when I owned a house. Denny is super cute!

    • Macy M says:

      It is not, there are versions that did that but it was more cost effective for me to just get the two separate detectors, Thank you so much for the kind words, Denny also happens to be the best cuddler! πŸ™‚

  • Terry says:

    Oh I LOVE that dawg!!! And your place is already SO homey!
    I’m especially glad that angry neighbor has moved away . . .

  • fngrpntr says:

    Just read about the gas scare on the other page. Wowowow. Phew!!!
    I know your problem was a broken hose, but just to be sure, do you know about the white sealing tape that should be used in each indoor connection? I don’t bother with it outdoors, but indoors it is a must.
    Here’s a hint for checking gas connections for leaks: use a spray bottle of water + tsp of dish detergent. Spray the connections & look for bubbles, which indicate a leak. Then if still in doubt, call a professional on this one — it’s just not worth the risk.

    • Macy M says:

      TOTALLY agree with you, the white tape is actually for liquid plumbing, I learned this project that gas plumbing uses a different tape and it’s yellow. That may just be my region, not sure but definitely be sure to get all the elbows taped (I did the outside too!). I am lucky to have a dad who is a plumber, his specialty is gas plumbing, he worked in a microchip producing plan doing various gas plumbing for nearly 25 years, so many rules that are hard to know about! Thanks again for the comment!


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