Update 7.15.13

July 15, 2013 § 5 Comments

I feel human again!  I have been working so much lately on stuff that doesn’t give me nearly the same release as my tiny house and other projects do… I found out it’s true…  All work and no play makes [Macy] a dull [girl], just ask James who has had to deal with my ill temper and poor attitude (I’m sorry James).  We met our deadline at work Tuesday so I wrapped a few loose ends up on Wednesday last week and took Thursday and Friday off, to normalize again.  Finally, last night I felt like myself again!  And in the mean time I accomplished quite a bit!  I started making my drawers for my dresser and kitchen, finished hanging all the hardware I could AND did most of the major construction (with James’s help) on my pull-out media center.

Also, I still believe I have the best dog ever, he has learned to crawl up AND down from the loft, he likes to sleep outside until 4 or so in the morning then he comes in and crawls into bed to snuggle with me!  On Saturday he had a very big day, we went to two different farmers markets in the morning (I am going to get him a shirt that says he is not a Weimaraner, I think about 95% of people think he is, or maybe he will just outgrow that soon…).  He is pretty convinced that his name is ‘cute puppy!’ though.  After that we went to grandmas house and he played with a couple dogs but mostly slept and bonded with grandma, then to my bosses new house for a little get together, then Eagle Fun Days where he again got the role of cute puppy (he loves the attention and it’s really good for him to get used to so many people).  Then, finally back downtown to watch the tail end of the Twilight Criterium where he was swarmed with mobs of people but never once lost attention on James and I.  Then for a nap on the patio with kalimotxos!  He was seriously the best dog ever, he already knows how to heal pretty well, I’d say he’s 85% perfect on healing (even off leash), and hes got ‘sit’ down pat.  About half the time he gets ‘stay’.  For an 11 week old animal who has been dealing with LOTS of new information every day I think he’s doing really really well, dare I say I am impressed!  Smarts has never been the thing that attracts me to Danes but he is definitely a smart pup!  He’s just awesome!

Part two on my favorite builds is still in the works, I promise soon, if you missed part one here it is!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend, I hope you are all well!


§ 5 Responses to Update 7.15.13

  • cupandpenny says:

    That media storage is so clever! I love the idea to put it on a slider. My husband and I have decided to move into the city, and we’re going to be down-sizing! I’m excited to come up with some clever storage solutions like yours. And we’re “making the cut” on a lot of our possessions. Which always feels so good!

    • Macy M says:

      Ohhhh thats Awesome! Good for you guys! I have to say, downsizing is the most liberating thing i have gone through, better than divorce, graduation, quitting a job, etc. Well… maybe not divorce ;-). (bad joke). Congratulations though!

  • Joe Keller says:

    Its my guess that you will have a lot of fun with the Raspberry Pi, I certainly like the one I used for media playback, and you can’t go wrong with the price. Im also sure that James would gladly print you a case for it. I used both Open Elec, and RaspBMC and have to say I liked the Open Elec XBMC better. Although both could still use a lot of improvement.


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