Tiny House Update 9.8.13

September 10, 2013 § 6 Comments

I was able to get some work done on my house this last weekend!  Checked a couple things off.  I am trying to hurry and tie up all the loose ends by the time the film crew comes from London, I want to do a quick update on the steps I built and then I have a punch-list of sorts to get done in the next two weeks at which point I have hired a photographer to come take some images for a friends project!  I want to get some pretty documentation before things turn into a disaster zone too! 🙂   Without further ado, here is my update!


§ 6 Responses to Tiny House Update 9.8.13

  • ronjf1 says:

    I think I see a deck in your future with a retractable awning.

  • disabledcyclist says:

    Macy,it’s looking great,my friend,and the deck idea sounds great IMO too! 😀

    Just a quick note,I’m sorry I had technical issues contributing to the chat this week,I was really bummed/had been looking forward to it. As you may notice (for reasons in an email there yuo may or may not have seen),we’ve deleted all of our FB accounts (as a family),so I won’ tsee you there,but will continue to enjoy and support your blog whole heartedly,my friend 🙂 TTYL and have a wonderful week 😀

    The DC

  • Hunter says:

    Macy, Denny looks like a twin for my dog Brock who passed away two years ago. He was such a big baby. but scared people because of his size…..My Boy…. i loved him so much and miss him everyday.

  • Philip Taccetta says:

    I like the enclosed steps – around here (NM) I would worry about rattlesnakes cooling off under the steps and having direct access to my feet/ankles!


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