Tiny House Update 9.29.13

September 30, 2013 § 6 Comments

I worked my little tail off this weekend in preparation for the photographer coming Monday (because of rain we had to reschedule to Tuesday), my place is looking great!  Hopefully it pictures well for Marc, my photographer friend who has quite a knack for making the mundane look amazing :).  I took some images at the end, not nearly as cool as Marc’s will be but at least there is proof of my workings (I thought I had transferred these over but they didn’t make it into this post, I will post them ASAP)!   So this entry is just about the work we did this weekend and I didn’t get pictures of all of it.  James helped me put the trim around the exterior lights, I cleaned and ironed all the curtains (even though it’s a tiny house there are A LOT of curtains, this was no small undertaking!) and lots of other things that I have no proof of yet but that I will show you all very soon :).

Special thanks to mom and dad for babysitting Denny between now and when Marc comes so that all the cleaning is not in vain and the photos can come out nice and pretty (he is a tornado of mud and slobber!).  Wednesday I am giving a presentation on my house to the National Organization of Women In Construction, this upcoming weekend Extreme Homes UK will be here to film the house as well as James will be turning 34.  Then, next weekend we have an open house on the 12th (all are invited).  After that I officially call this project done and can move on to other projects!  I will update here occasionally about things involving tiny houses, mine in particular, benefits, drawbacks, baby meets tiny house etc.  I also have a couple more smaller projects on my radar to do with it but nothing near as huge as the whole undertaking has been but I will certainly be around.  I also want to put together an e-book of my specific trials and tribulations, what I did for all of my systems and why as well as what I would do differently if I had to do it over again and why.  I also get a lot of requests for my specific floor plan, I’d like to put that together for people to be able to use.  So even though the tiny is wrapping up I will not be disappearing… and of course I will continue to be an active supporter behind the scenes in order to try to make tiny houses more ‘acceptable’ in the main stream.   I appreciate everyone who has supported me through this whole thing and I am SO happy to be so close to the finish line!  Thank you everyone!


§ 6 Responses to Tiny House Update 9.29.13

  • Terry says:

    Oh you MUST keep posting!!! I have to admit I am a bit addicted to updates on your life—almost feels like you’re a long-lost relative! We need to know about living with baby in a tiny house. And I’d sooooo miss updates on Denny . . .

    Can’t wait for your ebooks!

    • Macy M says:

      Ha! Well thank you, I feel like it’s important to update on the how to’s of living in a tiny house and how it is different but I want to balance that with not boring people with my life, I’m glad to hear it feels more personal than that! Denny had been staying at grandmas for two days now while I wait for good weather and photos, I MISS Denny! Can’t wait to bring him home tonight!

  • Eric says:

    I am so appreciative of your honesty about the process involved in building your house. It puts reality into the process for others and is reminiscent of the process I went through to build the 5-BR, 5-bath 2- kitchen log house I built for my ex. Things that looked like a shortcut bit my backside just like yours. Denny is amazing and the drool is priority one in why I don’t get a Dane, number 2 is the short life span. I have lost so many wonderful dogs, I just can’t do it any more frequently than I have. Please keep posting, I really enjoy your style of writing and being open and honest.

  • brenda pate says:

    Either I am looking at this wrong but cant see over view of the inside and outside of the house?? Of course this is my first view of your house – would like to see more. Dog is great but overview would be more helpful to me.

    • Macy M says:

      You should be able to see photos from day one to current under ‘timeline photos’ to the left, http://minimotives.com/timeline/. I post updates all along so some is about dogs and pregnancy at this point in my journey, I tried to make that post a consolidation that I update as I go just of the tiny house photos as it was built. There will be some really cool images to put up there when the photographer gets done editing them soon! Stay tuned!


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