Update 12.3.13

December 4, 2013 § 10 Comments

This is not a cohesive update at all, I am back at my ‘better to post something than nothing’ post though.  I do have some very cool miscellaneous updates though, long over due of course!  I have a plan in action that will hopefully get me on a better track for keeping up with my updates!  I am going to try my hand at just setting a schedule to post my updates ,that way it doesn’t all just build up and become a daunting thing to approach! 🙂  So, after this update I will be shooting for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a Sunday post, each day posting on one topic, be it my family/pregnancy/Denny, my tiny house, my current craft projects or my miscellaneous day, that is what I am hoping for, if I can stay disciplined it would be awesome :).   But for now there is a little of everything!

So, Denny is getting neutered this weekend, he’s excited ;-).  I think he thinks I say ‘tutored’ though, he loves learning! 😉  Terrible joke!  It’s time, I feel bad for kids when I take him on walks, Great Danes are big dogs… any way you look at it… we are also going to go to our first Great Dane Meet-up, I am excited to see how he does with other danes, when we go to the park he mostly loves hanging out with the littlest pups there, I think it will be good for him to meet other big dogs!  I am excited to meet new friends too, it seems that dog parks are really great places to meet people in general!  He is pretty funny at night, when I let him out before bed he does a perimeter check around the house, its always a counter clockwise motion, he circles the whole thing, then does his business then comes in ready to zonk out, in the morning though the last thing he wants is to get out of bed, turns out if a hundred pound dog doesn’t want to do something then there is not very much I can do to change his mind… fortunately James is usually around to let him potty a little later in the mornings…

My pregnancy update, this is fun, I am back on track with my weight gain, I am not sick as a dog all the time, I am perpetually uncomfortable with my lady parts apparently being the size of a soccer ball right now.  Turns out that makes me hunch over which isn’t good for a newly broken back, I got a sling thing though and it seems to help… if I can just find out where Denver hid it… I definitely look pregnant now, there is no mistaking it!  She is SUPER active still and her kicks are getting stronger and stronger, I guess the calcium is hitting her bones and making her less like rubber, so that’s good!  Yesterday I was working on my laptop and it was just barely against my stomach and she kicked it and it moved… not real impressive of a story but I was alone in the house and it freaked me out!  When my midwife measured me I was bigger than ‘normal’ by 5 centimeters (they measure from the top of my pubic bone to my belly button), so apparently that means she had her growth spurt early, even though I think she hit her growth spurt just after the appointment, I will be excited at my next one to see if my midwife agrees.  I have gained a total of 15 pounds even. That is right on track with where I ‘should be’.  MiniMiller’s heartbeat is right on point and she measures right around 14 inches long and comes in just under 2 pounds.  The most shocking part is that technically she is able to survive, with help, outside of me right now, that blows my mind.  I will go ahead and try to keep her in there as long as possible though, it’s probably best for everyone :).  In the following weeks we will be working on putting some body fat on her!  Other than all that, it still sucks to be pregnant, some girls just rock this, it is NOT my ‘thing’!  oye!  I think I should have been born a guy, it seems so much easier!  I’m sure I’ll get on with the whole ‘miracle of life’ thing after MiniMiller comes but for now oye!  BTW, Hazel Annabelle is the name that is sticking the hardest… Stays with Greg’s astute observation of her initials being H.A.M. too! 🙂

Tiny house update!  My water froze last night!  Oh noes!  thankfully it happened AFTER the hard piping and nothing broke!  When I went and checked this morning it looked like in one of Denver’s perimeter checks he may have bumped a panel of my skirting apparatus… there was a big hole in the insulated portion so I am pretty sure that is what went wrong.  Still, it’s going to get a lot colder (down to 9 degrees tonight!) so I am going to have to figure out something else… For now, because its dark when I get up for work and its dark when I get home (I hate daylight savings, even though it really isn’t what’s to blame for the short days) I just shut off the water and I will figure it out this weekend when I have some daylight to work by.   These are those cold weather things that you folks down south don’t have to work with 🙂  Lucky!  Other than that the house is doing awesome!  The radiant floor heat is NOT enough to keep things heated but with my small supplemental heater it’s not a problem.

So this evening I am in the process of transferring my website (paying WordPress to transfer it since I have had a few difficulties with how the site transfers) to a hosted site so if anything goes awry that is why, I wish I could stay on the free WordPress site but I have enough pictures and data to use up my allotted space, so I must move on! 🙂

A couple quick things, Ryan and I are doing another Tiny House Chat on Tuesday night, log in if you can!  We have Hari and Karl from TinyHouseFamily.com and Ms. Kristie Wolfe from TinyHouseOnThePrairie.net, we are going to talk about tiny houses for the holidays, get some awesome creative ideas from Kristie and some family advice from Hari and Karl, it’s just going to be a fun one.  I nice end to wrap up a great year of Chats!

Ryan has been organizing the first annual Tiny House Conference which is coming up at the beginning of April 2014.  There are going to be some great opportunities to meet some neat people and learn more than you want to know about tiny houses and tinyhousers!  I am stoked to get to go, and MiniMiller will be making her way so long as all goes as planned!  For a little while Ryan is offering $50.00 off if you use the code MM2013, so if you can’t think of what to get the minimalist in your life it could be a good option… ;-), experiences are always better than ‘things’ (well, that is just opinion I guess).

I think that that is all I have for now, below are a couple other things including a tremendous act of kindness I was the lucky recipient of, my interview on Aljezeera with Christopher and Merete a co-sleeper mini-update and some misc. stuff, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


§ 10 Responses to Update 12.3.13

  • jenandbubbs says:

    Jenny and I were just recently saying how great it would be to have a tiny house chat/video chat. I cant believe we just missed this one. I have been following the Tiny House Family and find their story to be so inspirational. It can be difficult at times for us because we don’t know any tiny house enthusiasts around here so the idea of a chat sounds great. I hope to catch the next one.

    We also woke up to frozen pipes last week! Luckily none burst. I definitely need to construct a skirt system of sorts to block the wind. There is a product used in mobile homes called heat tape. Its just like an electric blanket for your water lines. Not something we could utilize but maybe something to consider.

    • Macy M says:

      Well I have good news! You didn’t miss it, its Tuesday the 10th! 🙂 Log in! Ryan and I try to do it at least once a month, this one should be a fun one.
      I actually use heat tape on the exposed pipes, it works really well, highly recommended, I thought I could get away under the skirting without it but it looks like I can’t :/. I hope you can make it Tuesday! 🙂 All the info for it can be found here, https://www.facebook.com/events/545381495552112/

  • jenandbubbs says:

    That is good news!!! We will definitely log in. Thanks for the info!

  • Greg says:

    H.A.M. Yep, I’ll gladly accept credit for that. 🙂 And with all of the attention she is going to receive from family and friends … yeah, she is going to be well-loved across the board.

  • Courtney Lee says:


    I just discovered your blog today and I love it! First, congratulations on your pregnancy. Becoming a mother is the hardest and best journey I have ever taken. Second, I have been a small house enthusiast for at least a year but your house is THE house! I’m not in a position to live THAT small right now (2 school aged children) but your house is the first one I have seen that made me say YES! THAT is THE house I want! You did a great job!
    Also, YEA for midwives and co-sleeping. Keep following your instincts with your mini. You are her mommy, you know her best. (LOVE the name btw).

    • Macy M says:

      Awww! Courtney, thanks! That was an awesome message to get first thing this morning! I really appreciate you taking the time to write me! Thank you so much for all your kind words, i am happy that you dig my house and that you found me! I hope one day you do get your tiny place, it would be tough with a couple older kids for sure! I already have my plans in the works for my second build as MiniMiller gets a little older 🙂

  • shano says:

    I love your house! awesome.

  • gozxamaica says:

    Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for being courageous. Thank you for sharing your story. We, my spouse and I are seeking ways to be debt free and financially independent. You are teaching us a lot. We want to be able to do something along the lines of what you’ve created in terms of cost, efficiency, living life to the fullest, and financial freedom.

    I commend you for being true to yourself, living your dreams, making your goals a reality and having compassion towards others. People can be unfortunately silly, insecure, cruel and foolish. It’s so unnecessary for people to be mean and take time from their lives to be judgmental, hateful, and project their insecurities, and lack of awareness, knowledge, and understanding onto others. Continue to be strong and positive!

    Thanks again.

    • Macy M says:

      Gozi, Thank you SO much for your kind words, that was extremely nice to read! I am happy that I can be any sense of inspiration for you and your spouse, please let me know if you ever need anything, I am always happy to help if I can! I wish you a wonderful 2014!


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