Update 12.13.13

December 13, 2013 § 18 Comments

I have been in the process of moving over my website, I am running out of space on my free WordPress site but it would also be nice to be able to have a little more flexibility.  I thought it would be a much easier process than it’s proving to be.  Thanks for bearing with me while I do very little posting and try to get that all figured out.

James took a little recording of Christopher and Merete’s live interview for their TV debut of TINY: A Story About Living Small of which I got to be a part.  I’m not sure if I am allowed to be posting it but I will until told otherwise, for anyone who missed it you can watch the B-rated version here :).  He was recording this in his dining room while I was being interviewed about 25 feet away outside, and the dog was messing with something, those are the distractions :).

I promise to have some more updates soon, I have to figure a couple things out with the new set-up but then I have a whole list of posts I have been accumulating to update on including heating a tiny house in – degree weather (hint-it’s been a challenge!), frozen pipes (also fun!) baby stuff, Denny’s big medical procedure and lots of miscellaneous!  🙂


§ 18 Responses to Update 12.13.13

  • Marci Miller says:

    I’ve been migrating our website over to Squarepsace and have found the website editing much easier and I really love the options they offer. Just in case your looking for a new website provider. Excited to see the documentary! Congrats on the interview!

    • Macy M says:

      I have yet to check them out, I will look into them if this doesn’t get easier soon! Thank you for the suggestion and as always the kind words! 🙂

  • That is so awesome! You are such a badass, Macy!!
    and I kinda love that James would get distracted by the dog, running to the window, and talking at the camera – so proud~

  • Inés I. says:

    I wish you all the luck. My blog is much smaller than yours and I haven’t been able to back up what I post in word documents (just in case something happen to my wordpress account).
    It takes a loooot of time. But I’m sure the final result is going to be good.
    And the interview was good, I wonder what was James looking so interest at the window, hehe

  • S&THi says:

    Oh! This is so fun to see! Seriously fangirling here in J-land. 🙂

    • Macy M says:

      Hehehe! It’s so random, I am stoked that tiny houses are getting so much coverage, it’s confusing to me as to why I am getting so many cool opportunities, I’ll take it though! 🙂 It’s fun 🙂

  • Sirap Limau says:

    this is just brilliant…

  • Macy, let me know what sort of help you need to migrate your site from free hosting at WP.com. I do that sort of thing – and teach students about it at the University of Washington. I’m @kegill

    • Macy M says:

      I think I finally got it figured out this afternoon, thank you so much for your offer, I should have read this sooner! 🙂 Would have saved me time! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  • Michelle says:

    yay, you are on yahoos front page today, congrats! (i’ve been following your progress for some time now) 🙂

  • Raw Law Girl says:

    A friend sent me info about your blog. She loved your tiny house, but said she hated the drama embedded in the photo descriptions. I, on the other hand, laughed when I read about the drama – not that it was funny. It seemed neurotic. You must NOT let others influence your happiness. People say cruel stuff all the time. Think back to the play ground in elementary school. The more power you give the negative stuff, the more you take away from the positive beautiful stuff. You do not have to be perfect and nor do you need to suffer. The divorce, the broken back, the negative feedback, whatever, let it go because it steals your joy. Also, when you put yourself in the public light even if accidental, not everyone will love you. That is life.


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