Update 6.24.13

June 24, 2013 § 11 Comments

Well I had a close call today, after numerous efforts James and I were finally able to get the gas hooked back up.  We ended up having to make several trips to get various fittings to ultimately be able to hook his BBQ propane tank up to the house.  Something must be off because when I came home at lunch to let Denny out the whole place smelled of propane!  I am SOOO glad I came home when I did and SO glad that Denny is ok.  The propane is shut off until I can figure out what is up and Denny came with me to work for the afternoon, I wasn’t going to leave him stuck in the house like that!  That could have been devastating.

Also, I was able to hook up my electric meter and my water meter.   I will be updating on how well those work.  Some of you may have noticed I have some new links to the left, I am going to be posting reviews of my tiny house appliances, meters and equipment.  There is nothing there now but I plan to populate them as I go.  I would eventually love to post other peoples’ reviews also and become a decent place to come look for miscellaneous tiny house parts and see what kind of luck other people have had with this various equipment.   My rational behind this is that the reviews I am finding online are not really relevant because the way the products are used is quite different.  For example, my washer/dryer has some awful reviews but some good ones, it made me leery but then it became clear that the bad reviews were from people who were expecting the machine to compete with two full sized separate units and that just isn’t going to happen.  It would be nice to have a place to keep tiny house specific reviews.  If you are interested in offering me up a good or bad review of some product you have used I would love to post it.  It won’t so much be about pushing products as much as reviewing them though, please no ‘product placement’.

Now, onto the update!  Here are some pictures:


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