Things I Don’t Like About My Tiny House

September 6, 2013 § 30 Comments

I am not going to lie, parts of this stink… overall… totally worth it so far but here are some of the cons as compared to always giving you the shiny ‘pros’.   I think most of these can also be spun to sound like pros and can boil down to me having moments of laziness, like we are all allowed to have.  (it’s actually hard for me to not put on the positive spin at the end of each point… because I wrote this here though I will not!)   Here is the list:

  1. These things take a lot of time and energy to build, parts of my body will never be the same after this build.  As some of you know, about one year ago I fell off the roof while being dumb on a particular part of roofing, this resulted in a back that was broken in two places as well as a broken heel bone.  Here I am one year later, with the cold season coming and I can already feel it in my back.  My foot is STILL not healed amazingly enough, I have not been able to return to running just yet.  I have been told that I will always feel the weather changes in my back.  That is an unexpected consequence of tiny house living that not everyone will have, but it’s real.   Aside from broken bones, this thing ate up about a year and a half of my life I didn’t intend on giving it!  I seriously and foolishly was convinced that 6 months was oodles of time… nope, two years is more like it.  Sure I could have gone faster, I could have also gone a lot slower… but that is a lot of social life to exchange!
  2. Everybody looks and stares, I am happy to share, in fact I LOVE it, most of the time.  Its those other times when I just want peace and quiet, people still gawk then too.   I have been woken up from a nap more than once by someone knocking on the door.  Which is actually really cool, unless your napping mid day, which pregnant people do sometimes! 🙂   Part of me feels ‘weird’ too, I wish these were more ‘normal so I didn’t have to be made to feel weird so much!
  3. I am constantly concerned about being ‘turned in’ and worried if I am pissing off any neighbors.  Even though I would probably be totally fine with being turned in and it would actually be a different sort of enlightening adventure I would be ready and willing to tackle, it sucks to feel that little bit of insecurity constantly, just not knowing what is around the corner exactly.
  4. Everything is a work in progress, things break, water is not limitless, every action has a consequence that I have to be aware of. Sometimes it would be nice to be oblivious again to my daily processes, dump all the leftovers down the garbage disposal and not think anymore about it.  If I do that now it will grease up my grey water tank and that will be a much bigger deal down the road.  I have to only take what I will eat so i am not as wasteful.  It is mostly enjoyable to be engaged in my daily processes but sometimes it would be awful nice to get lazy and just not care.
  5. Space, only sometimes though.   It’s not even so much the space as it is smells, and it could be a pregnancy thing.  Denny-man stinks though.  He is getting weekly baths pretty much but it’s small enough in the tiny house that it takes no time for it to smell like dog (still, at least it isn’t smelling like compost!).  There have also been times I want to stretch out and do some yoga without leaving home and I just have enough room to do a few poses, nothing too detrimental but, sometimes, it would be cool to not have to go somewhere to do my physical activities.
  6. The dark flooring was a horrid choice with a puppy and mud.  It stays clean mere fractions of a second at best!  I will gets some rugs once I get a lawn and Denny get’s a little better about keeping water in his mouth, that will make this easier.  Right now my floors stay a pretty consistent mix of puppy slobber and dirt.

And the surprising things that I DO like!

  1. I LOVE the composting toilet, at least so far (I have yet to have to empty it).  I like it better than a flush toilet, for real.  No one can hear me pee, no splashing water back on my butt… it’s great!  and absolutely zero smells and the satisfaction that I am not sending a huge burden to be treated at the water plant.
  2. It is nice to be able to do what I want when I want, to know that the investments I make into may living area are mine.  If I want to paint I can, if I break something that isn’t working properly it isn’t super painful knowing I’ll have to replace something dumb only for it to break again some point later.  My own space is an obvious thing to like, but I am surprised by how much I have missed it. Even if it is less than a tenth the size of my last place that was ‘mine’.  That ownership aspect works just the same!

What else would you guys add to the list of Tiny House cons?


Update 8.8.13

August 8, 2013 § 8 Comments

I got my lights back!!!  I love them.  I also have kitchen shelves and a usable closet plus some dog butt towel holders!  The composting toilet has been working great, no smells or problems!  I am very happy to report that!  I still need to hook of the vent so that it vents up high but even as it is it doesn’t seem to be an issue.  I can see how it could be if there were more people using it.  I am shooting to get that done this weekend.  I am also going to try to get my pantry shelves in this weekend so I have a better use of storage.  That is all I have for now!  I hope you all are well!

Open House Postponed, Yet Again…

July 3, 2013 § 20 Comments

At least I didn’t send the e-vites out yet (I had a bad feeling that something like this would happen so I held off).

Even though I am already living in my house it is not yet complete and it looks as if there is another road bump.   We have Sun-Mar, the composting toilet manufacturer, to thank for this. I have a big long story that I will most likely tell in full detail at this rate, as soon as it gets all figured out.  The short story though is that they messed up yet again, I ordered three things and there are four errors so far on their part.  Not very pleased.  The latest is that they promised me a replacement part in no less than a week and a half (I have been held up on this for over a month now and losing my patience with them).  One week later and I get an email today saying that it won’t even ship until two weeks after the arrival date should have been.  I was really rushing to try to have the open house on the 13th because the next several weekend are already spoken for.  I feel like having the toilet installed is a pretty important part or I would just have it anyway.  I wish things were smoother but it looks like I will be ‘camping’ a few more weeks (not easy to do when it’s been 100+ degrees!).

In the meantime I have some other stuff I can work on, tomorrow I will either shoot for building some of the drawers or my entertainment center/bookshelf deal, we will see what I feel like in the morning!

Happy fourth of July everyone!  Be safe!


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