’10 Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Have Babies’

November 21, 2013 § 19 Comments

This is a hilarious post I just remembered writing while driving in my filthy car this morning… I wrote this almost three years ago at the request of a good friend.  It makes me laugh, sadly, it’s still mostly true, only that’s ok, I will get better at those things that I need to! 🙂

In response/request to Mari…
1.  I was 20 before I even had a responsibility as big as a purse, I still leave my purse in nearly every store, cubby or refrigerator… let alone the things that should be IN the purse, there are sometimes no way of knowing where my keys are… imagine those skills with an infant…

2.  I am selfish with my time, there are points I cannot stand being around people, any people, and I run and hide where ever I can to get away… pretty sure you can’t do that with a kid…

3.  Kids cry.  I don’t like crying.

4.  I like to poop by myself… and also, the only butt I tolerate wiping is my own.

5.  I make babies cry, see #3. 

6.  My car is typically too dirty to fit any type of a child safety device in.  Its a fend for yourself environment.

7.   I am fidgety, and bounce shake and move constantly, I am pretty sure shaking a baby constantly is bad, or so I’ve heard.

8.  My nutrition for myself consists primarily of ramen noodles, burritos and occasionally some Mac and Cheese, while I am sure most kids would love these options I am pretty sure a growing body needs more than that to stay alive.

9.  I have a very short attention span… not even long enough to sit through a whole movie…

10.   I wouldn’t know how to occupy a child without candy…

The solution to all of these woes… adopting a 12 year old.  They can already wipe themselves, sit upright all by themselves, have their own activities, can order the take out as needed AND can mow the lawn for me!  Sold! 🙂



Co-Sleeper Weekend One

November 17, 2013 § 9 Comments

I had a productive weekend and I am wiped out!  Friday I came home and realized I had forgotten to leave a rawhide out for Mr. Denver while I went to work, he decided to make due with my hat and a pair of pants… (equals angry Macy).  I was REALLY bummed about the hat, it’s my favorite hat because it doesn’t look weird on me, most hats look weird.   Not only that, it has a story with it, on one of our trips to Salmon my dad and uncles were hanging out in a bar when someone comes in and shoots a guy, I believe it was actually the first recorded murder in Salmon at the time, there has since been at least another one… Anyway, my dad helped do CPR on the guy which didn’t work out but.  On the way home he was walking and happened upon the hat in the parking lot (I didn’t say it as a ‘good’ story, just that it was a story 🙂 ).  Anyway, Denny got it.  I was going to take it apart and use it as a pattern to make a new one but I decided to just try to fix it for now :).  (I am watching ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ which probably makes this seem much more normal, only to me… but I loved the hat!).  So, Saturday I fixed my hat and my pants.  I also grabbed some more fabric that I had stored at moms to make some more skirts.

I also started in on MiniMiller’s co-sleeper.  I was going to look at using some of the reclaimed hardwood floor that Stacey and I used but when it got right down to it I used the excuse that I am tired and pregnant so I am just going to buy some nice poplar to build it out of instead of spending the time to de-nail and plane the birch.   I went to Lowe’s with Mr. Denny and got a hundred bucks worth of wood/fasteners/glue/dowels and we were off!  Oh, I should also mention, I got a baby crib mattress off of craigslist, I am going to make the co-sleeper the size of a crib so that when she doesn’t outgrow it so quick, when it’s time I can modify the rails a bit and presto a crib!  So, here are the pictures 🙂  Hope you are all well.

30 Facts About Me

November 13, 2013 § 22 Comments

This was a post I started for when I turned 30 but that apparently I never finished and posted.  Just an opportunity to learn more about who you are reading the adventures of!

Obviously my name is Macy Miller, hopefully you know that much about me… Here are some more unique details:

  1. I live in the great state of Idaho and have never lived anywhere else for the past 30 years, though I have lived in a few different towns in Idaho.
  2. I grew up riding quarter horses and playing with cows on my grandparents’ farm, it wasn’t uncommon to find me in the field with a flyswatter buddied up with the bull, swatting all the flies off of him.
  3. I have done barrel racing and pole bending in rodeos as well as showing horses… I wasn’t very good at it but it was fun 🙂
  4. I built my house with my own hands from the ground up (you probably know this much about me too).
  5. I have never eaten and McDonalds in my entire life.
  6. I have never held a baby in my life but am due March 2014 with a baby girl to try it out with! 🙂
  7. I got a Masters Degree when I was 22, this was the biggest accomplishment of my life at the time.
  8. I did my first oil painting when I was 11.
  9. I currently have a Blue Great Dane named Denver, previously I had a little brown Chihuahua named Tobi, he adopted my dad because he loves him more.
  10. I never had a drink of alcohol until the very minute I turned 21, 9:33pm Mountain Time.
  11. My favorite color is the crayola crayon shade of Ultramarine Blue.
  12. My favorite food is a bean and cheese burrito.
  13. I was 5′-7″ from 6th grade up until August 2013 when I broke my back and became 5′-6″
  14. I have one tattoo that I got when I was 23, after wanting it for 6 years. It is an important reminder to me of creativity being drawn from reality and science as well as serving as a reminder of one of my idols, Leonardo Da Vinci.
  15. If I had to choose between music or TV I would pick music. My favorite bands include TOOL, NIN, Modest Mouse, Dr. Dog, Meiko, The Black Keys and on and on and on.
  16. I am legally permitted to carry a concealed weapon (so don’t get any ideas (: ).
  17. I am a Virgo, though I was supposed to be a Cancer.
  18. I do not know how to swim and am afraid of water.
  19. I identify myself politically as a republican.  (I don’t believe a lot of the ‘hot issues’-abortion, gay rights, etc.- should be ‘political’ so I don’t include those views into my political views)
  20. I am incredibly introverted.
  21. I am currently looking at changing my profession to teaching high school students.
  22. I HATED high school, every single day after high school has been better than any day at high school.
  23. I LOVE Christmas music and Christmas lights.
  24. The first time I decided I wanted to be an architect was in 4th grade.
  25. I decorated cakes and gutted fish for a grocery store for 4 years as my job while putting myself through college.
  26. I was a painfully shy kid, I never outgrew that until I got my college degree and found my confidence.
  27. I have dyed my hair both black and platinum blond and kept it each way for a significant amount of time.
  28. I can take a 25′ long piece of rope and make it into a horse halter in less than 15 minutes using nothing but knots.  I used to sell them when I was a kid.
  29. My thumbs are double jointed.
  30. I have had well over 40 cavities in my life but I swear I have good brushing habits, I just have crappy enamel!  I used to cry every time I went to the dentist.

First Shower In The Tiny House

November 12, 2013 § 23 Comments

It was magic!  My shower has been working and functional for a long long time but without having the greywater system hooked up I didn’t want to use it and flood under the house.  I have been using friends’ and families showers for a while, it feels AWESOME to get to shower in my own house! 🙂 My Eccotemp FVI 12 does a wonderful job!  I do have to turn it all the way up to hot hot and then back down to temp for it to keep heated, if I just turn it half-way it seems like the heater really doesn’t kick on strongly.  It is awesome though, I had a nice, long, hot shower with even heat, no flash hot or flash cold.  I have to also say I am pretty dang impressed with how far a tank of propane has gone.  I’ve been living in my house full time since mid June and started with a little over a half of a tank of propane and I haven’t had to fill it yet.  My stove and water heater are both running off of propane.  I admit I haven’t been cooking up a storm but I haven’t really been shy about it either… I probably use a couple of my burners at least a couple times a week… hot water every day basically to do dishes and wash hands etc.  I’m expecting I will have to fill my little five gallon tank soon but getting pretty close to 6 months out of about 3 gallons of propane is pretty cool.  We will see how much having regular showers out here will affect that.

Another quick review… My heating!  I had planned on using my radiant floor heat as my main heating source which works well down to about 50 degrees.  Any lower than that and it doesn’t quite cut it.  I have been using my radiant heater as a supplement, the same one I used during construction.  I have it on the lowest possible setting and it works really well.  I should also note, I tend to leave the bedroom window cracked a couple inches throughout the day and night.  I do this for a couple reasons, if I don’t at night the body heat builds up in the house and it actually gets too warm by the time I wake up, second, throughout the day it allows things to vent.  It’s pretty tight ventilation wise and I have a large dog who smells… like a dog.  I used to come home and leave the doors open for a while to air it out but I have realized it’s better if I just crack a window and then I don’t have to walk in the door to a wall of dog smell.  I think it helps keep things balanced inside too, not to stale of air.  So it’s a trade off, it’s the best balance I’ve found though between heat and freshness.   The floor MIGHT be enough without the cracked window, but I doubt it.  That being said, I LOVE that I have the radiant heat floors.  My feet stay warm and cozy, it will be great for MiniMiller too so she won’t have a cold floor to crawl around on.  It really makes the space super comfortable even though I have to supplement the heat a tad.

Third, I get to do other projects now!  That’s pretty cool.  Sunday evening I was feeling like a bum just sitting down and watching TV so I decided to sew a little at least while I watched, then I didn’t feel SO lazy :).  Before I knew it I made a skirt!  Not a bad one either!  I haven’t sewed in years, happy to know I have some skill still.


It doesn’t look magical off of me but it is cute, I promise, I’ll see if I can’t get someone to take a picture of me wearing it some day…

I loosely based it on another skirt I have but I added a belly band for my pregger self.  I have discovered that leggings are my new best friend.  I LOVE them, they are cozy and don’t cut across my belly all uncomfortably like pants.  So, I think my wardrobe will be consisting a lot of insulated leggings and skirts!  Also, I started my prenatal yoga class last night.  I have been really concerned about my back since I broke it just over a year ago.  It has been hurting me quite a bit lately with the shifting center of gravity of my body, it’s passed the pain of my foot now (which has also never healed correctly), I’ve got a permanent ‘gangster limp’ I think… both of those injuries are concerning to me as the next months roll on.  I started yoga to hopefully mitigate some of the issues along the way, it was a good class with other pregnant ladies.  My body is surprisingly sore from all the low impact stuff that happened :), sore in a good way.   I am planning on keeping that up a couple days a week until MiniMiller makes her debut!  I also got a back support band that seems to help as well.  The last tidbit is that Ms. MiniMiller is getting a little routine, that is a weird thing to realize.  She’s her own person with her own schedule.  I notice she gets real active every morning first thing, right after breakfast and then again in the afternoon right around 2pm until 4 or so and then again around 8pm. until after I fall asleep.  It’s getting pretty routine, it makes me wonder if that will be her active times after she’s born, if so I am ok with that, I hope she isn’t a morning person :).

One LAST thing I want to mention… in getting prepared for after baby is here I have decided to invest in an upright freezer and some tupperware to make some big meals in bulk and freeze them for easy meals later.  This will let me have some nutritious meals and be able to focus on baby without running to a food store or eating crappy.  In looking at the cost of things tupperware is just crazy, it occurred to me to try a restaurant supply store and looking at some of the take-out stuff they have. 9-x-9-x-3-medium-3-compartment-microwaveable-plastic-hinged-take-out-container-112-case

A lot of the time those things are microwave and dishwasher safe, they have decent seals and seem like they would be ok to separate out a meal and freeze.  Oh, ad they are WAY cheaper!  Any thoughts?  I will probably post a few recipes I find for crock pot meals to stick in a bag and freeze or for delicious looking food stuffs that would freeze well, if anyone has any particularly good resources or ideas on this I would love to hear them!  

The next thing to look into is also going to be insurance for MiniMiller… I don’t need to get into that debacle right now though, I’ll save that rant for later :).   Hope everyone is well! 

Tiny House Update 11.7.13

November 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

Long over-due update :).  I have been juggling quite a bit as of lately so I have been torn away from consistent updates but here is one!  So, I have been dealing with my bank to talk about financing for a place, I was looking at a property to have as a rental that I could park my tiny behind.  The trick is a foreclosure that is on my history, even though the foreclosure process started 7 years ago (wow, that’s a while) it didn’t finalize until 2 years ago, yeah, it was a MISERABLE 5 year process.   So, because that is on my record I knew there would be hoops to jump though but I decided to see how bad it was anyway.  The loan officer was genuinely shocked at the situation and the fact that I have pristine credit, if I didn’t have the blackmark I would be the ideal candidate and eligible for the best rates.  She went so far as to check into alternates to an FHA loan which would typically be my ONLY option with a foreclosure until a full 7 years after the final date of foreclosure.   FHA is not all bad or good, what it does require though is that I pay mortgage insurance the full term of the loan instead of the typical first 20%, since I planned on putting 20% down it didn’t feel great to know I would be paying about 160 buck a moth for ‘extra’ purely because ‘technically’ I didn’t meet the requirements for a conventional loan, even though by the bankers own words I am a much better candidate than most conventional loan candidates.  Also, and FHA loan comes with a higher interest rate than conventional.  So, She took some info and talked to her bosses and said she would get back to me…

A couple days later she called me back with ‘good news’, which is in fact good news, but not great.   After talking to her supervisor and their supervisor my bank said that they were willing and able to ‘portfolio’ me which means basically that they will personally be loaning me the money rather than a mortgage company.  What this does for me is get me a ‘conventional loan’, my payments would be going to them, I wouldn’t have to pay mortgage insurance for the duration of the loan.  This is good news!  The bad news is of course they would add their cut on top of it.  The ‘going-rate’ for a 15 year loan is 3.2%, for a 30 year loan it is 4%.  They would only go at a 30 year term and at 5.125%… When you calc out the math I would be paying almost double what I would over the term of the loan.  My ideal of course would be to put 20% down, pay a 15 year loan, on the house I was looking at the payment is right around $750.00/month.  On a 30 year term the payment would be around $520.00/month.  Now the house I was looking at I think could easily be rented out for $800.00 a month so really, either of these are fine.  What they ended up offering me was a payment around $760.00/month but for 30 years.  So, if I am prepared to pay $750.00/month for 15 years and what I was offered was essentially $750.00/month for 30 years… I don’t like that and I am not comfortable, even though it is ‘do-able’, signing up for another 30 year commitment if I am not completely comfortable with the terms.  Yes, I could probably refinance in a couple years, who’s to say where rates will be though… It would be an added stress I really don’t need at this point.

I was really feeling a rush to get somewhere before winter hit but I decided the best thing would probably be to just sit put until it thaws again next spring.  At that point I have a feeling that things will be in a different spot, perhaps I’ll be eligible for a better deal.  I am also keeping my eyes open for places that ‘fit’ that may have owner financing.  Even though that is usually at a higher rate I would MUCH rather have that extra going to a real person than the banking industry, call me jaded :).  I looked at moving to a couple different places around town, either with individuals or a semi-RV park situation.  The rates were either just as high as renting an apartment OR the people seemed weird.  I didn’t think it wise to have a baby be born around someone who may or may not me ‘weird’, it didn’t feel great either in my gut.  And if I am going to have to pay 450-600 a month plus utilities just to park my house I am going to store it and just rent a place where I don’t have to juggle space and constraints.   he whole point of building this is NOT paying someone else rent.  I was blown away that it costs as much to rent a bare piece of property as it does to rent one with a house on it to use… dumb.   But now I know it could be pretty lucrative to just buy bare land, zone it as an RV park for tiny houses/RVs, if I charged half the price I would be doing pretty darn good!  So… I am staying put for the winter.  That is that story.

Because I am staying put I had to winterize, it’s already been down to freezing temperatures.  Daylight savings time messed with that process quite a bit but I finally got it done yesterday.  My house is officially officially complete!  I went out to celebrate with my brothers and Gia and I forgot all about the shirley temples!  I’ll have to try again! 🙂  My brothers are always putting on dinner parties, I don’t have enough house to have them over for dinner though so the thing I get to do is save money and take them out for a nice dinner every now and again :).  So that is just what we did!  It was awesome and it feels pretty damn good to be done even with all the non-glamorous work.  The skirting is not pretty but it is very functional, just keep that in mind :).  I suppose even putting a coat of paint on it would make it prettier, but I didn’t do that… 🙂

There is even a Denver update in there, he’s as handsome and sweet as ever!  Branching out at the dog park and making bigger dog friends :).  He is the best dog ever, I really recommend Danes to tiny house people, it baffles most but they are GREAT small space dogs, he is an old soul, not a ton of energy, totally content to crash out most of the day.   He goes to bed before me every night, steals my pillow.  He doesn’t think he can get up the stairs by himself, even though he can.  He gos and puts his front feet half way up then looks at me and whines for me to help him.  Of course I can’t lift his heavy butt up there anymore so I just place his feet for him and he walks up them.  I think he thinks I’m lifting him but he just needs to work on his confidence :), he will get it again soon!

And MiniMiller is growing leaps and bounds, I’m pretty sure she will be just as fidgety as her mom AND dad (she’s got no choice in the matter) if how much she flips around is any indicator.  24 hours a day there and somersaults being done in my belly.  Denver seems to be paying more attention to her too, he likes to lay his head on my belly which he’s never really done before.  Random kids walk up to me and stare at me and chatter at me, kids have always liked me but I think they are showing me more attention, it’s weird… and at the dog park so many dogs seem to walk well out of their way to come and smell me, even with all the distractions they are interested in me more than others, a couple of their owners have even mentioned that they were oddly drawn over.  Because of these occurrences I tend to believe what they always say about kids and pets being in tune with pregnancies.   My next appointment happens to be the same day as Ryan’s and my next Tiny House Chat on the 19th, I’ll have another update then, I am pretty excited and blown away that in about 5 months I’ll be a mom, that’s a pretty cool big deal!

Which brings me to my next point, Ryan and I have a Tiny House Chat on the 19th, this one is going to be awesome!  Please, make the time to join us if you can!  Here is the information to log in and what it is all about.  Take a few minutes, watch THIS TED talk.  We will be talking to him and the folks over at Found House.  3D printed houses, Ikea style :).  If this was a kit for your own tiny house would you look into it?  I think this is an amazing concept that could change the face of so much!  Making affordable housing available to all!

I have had a couple questions on the format of the Tiny House Chat.  I want to clear up some of it, don’t worry, you do not need a camera or a microphone to log in.  What happens is that Ryan and I appear on camera with (usually) our two guest hosts the four of us are the only ones with voice and camera, to chat about whatever our topic is for the month.  Everyone else logs in and is linked via a chat room which we can all see.  (people seem reluctant to appear on camera, so don’t worry, unless you’re a guest host you won’t, and let me know if you want to be a guest host and/or have an idea for a show topic!)  So basically it is an hour long chat session with tons of people who have the same interests.  There is a lot of discussion between chatters as well as questions interacting directly with the four hosts.  It works best when we get lots of chat/host interaction on the topic at hand.  Typically we have 30-45 people logged in but we have the ability to go up to 200 right now.  If we ever have more than that we can look at upgrading our service to accommodate more, so share the word!

What questions do you have about 3D printed houses for these guest hosts??

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